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Hi [Guest], License / Activation Issues
Rename Media
Posted on 9/11/2019 3:46:44 PM 1772 days ago
Hello Mike ,, botnhac cua say luc truoc rename nhac duoc .. nhung bay gio vi bot nhac het hang nen moi up len hen gio bot nhac khong rename duoc nhac ..Mike co the giup minh cho biet ly do tai sao khong .. thankyou MIke
Posted on 9/12/2019 5:20:12 AM 1771 days ago
Hi bro, lenh rename van con do. Bro thu vao Messenger -> Show all commands roi type vao: rename
Posted on 9/14/2019 7:07:20 AM 1769 days ago
hi Mike, BotNhac Rename luc truoc say chi viet !rn 687 Rename Media = nhung bay gio viet nhu vay bot khong nhan nua . say phai viet : hd_media_rename 687 Rename Media
viet vay thi bot moi chiu nhan:
thankyou Mike
Posted on 9/14/2019 7:11:00 AM 1769 days ago
noi cach khac hon la viet - ( hd_media_rename ) thi botnhac moi chiu nhan
Posted on 9/14/2019 10:31:01 AM 1769 days ago
HI Mike .. everything's ok roi bro say moi update HDMusicBot ver.5.4.2 len .. gio good roi bro
Thankyou bro .. Good job Mike !!!!!
Posted on 10/3/2019 6:30:41 PM 1750 days ago
Bro co the change command theo y muon cua bro, can hoi gi cu pm nick Nghe Nhac Song Qua Ngay trong paltalk luon nhe. co gi hoi VNFox coi co ok ko nhe.