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Hi [Guest], License / Activation Issues
Trivia Master Pro
Posted on 1/19/2022 12:30:20 AM 911 days ago
How do you add your own questions ?
Posted on 2/18/2022 1:35:46 AM 881 days ago
You have to have a text file with the information in a very specific format....I used to use an Excel spreadsheet all set up to take the question and answer and put it in the right format to import. I will have to see if I can find it....worked well.
Posted on 2/25/2022 1:43:52 AM 874 days ago
For instance...use this format

In 1848 The London Daily News carried the worlds fist what?|||Weather report|Weather forcast

the above seperates the answers with a | so this would give you the answer of Weather report [OR
  • Weather forcast

    Either answer will be accepted...if you only have a single this

    In 1848 The London Daily News carried the worlds fist what?|||Weather report

    what I do is use a spreadsheet to minipulate a text file I ring in to format the question/answer then put the question/answer in the above format. I then create the catagory in Trivamaster and then copy/paste the questions into that catagory...just be careful..there is a limit to how many you can paste and import...I kept it to 200 at a time I think.