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Hi [Guest], License / Activation Issues
Maintenance copy of TriviaMaster
Posted on 5/28/2019 1:20:22 AM 1875 days ago
Hi Mike,

Is there a "practical" way to have a partially functional version of TriviaMaster that doesn't expire, to use on another computer only for maintaining the questions or users? It doesn't need to pick a room or run a game, just needs to let me use the TM interface to maintain the data on my main PC, then I manually copy the MDB back to the trivia laptop. (some tasks are much easier/safer to do in TM itself, rather than in Access)

I've been running a single chatroom since late 2014, but between replacing the trivia computer 3 times and having to rebuild it a couple more times, I've had to buy a TM license several times.

Posted on 5/28/2019 11:28:25 PM 1874 days ago
Hi, the license key is embedded to the computer product key. It similar to the Windows Product Key, every-time you change the hard drive a product key is inserted. As long as you don't change the hard drive and the product key, your license key will not expired.

To work-around the issue. In the computer that has valid license key of TM then go-to the root folder of TM rename data.mdb to data1.mdb and copy data.mdb file to that root folder. Re-launch the TM and you should see all the data.

Definitely, I'll look into this so that it will give you the ability to export data.
Posted on 5/29/2019 10:05:34 PM 1873 days ago
Hi Mike,

I'm not worried at all about exporting the data, for me that's actually the easiest part. In fact, because my first TM computer died in the very beginning and had to be replaced (and then 2 more times after that!), I've had a nightly backup of the database files to cloud storage since the first once. I just grab a copy of the latest backup and export what I need from there.

My main concern is managing the data on a separate computer. Some of it I do in bulk with Excel (after exporting tables), but it's so much easier to do other maintenance tasks using TM itself.

In any case, it's probably not practical to have 2 separate applications the way I was thinking in my original question.