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Hi [Guest], License / Activation Issues
still having issues with 4.0.1
Posted on 2/24/2023 4:44:57 AM 507 days ago
Thanks for the update, but I'm still having issues with multiple questions being asked by the bot.
It will occassionally answer a question multiple times then ask the number of questions corrisponding to the number of answers it gave to the last question.

NCB Broadcasting, [04:36

  • QUESTION SKIPPED! The correct answer is: Joe Dolce
    NCB Broadcasting,
  • [04:36

  • QUESTION SKIPPED! The correct answer is: Joe Dolce
    NCB Broadcasting,
  • [04:36

  • [Country Stars "XYZ and Numbers"
    NCB Broadcasting,
  • [04:36

  • QUESTION #230
  • [General: History
  • : The Maya of Mesoamerica are best known for their achievements in which subjects?
  • [04:36

  • Any chance of also stopping the bot from stealing the text that the users type into room manually, its annoying having to continually restart typing everytime a bot writes into the room
  • VNFox
    Posted on 2/25/2023 9:36:11 AM 506 days ago
    I strongly suggest that you run your bot on a virtual machine, since stealing user text is a known issue. I'm not sure how and when to solve this one yet. Please give 4.0.2 version a try.
    Posted on 2/27/2023 5:38:58 PM 503 days ago
    I just now had a chance to update the TriviaMaster and I can confirm no change in behavior, maybe even a little worse now. It is constant double and triple and even 4 questions back to back within seconds, no hints or skips.

    Then it works fine for a little while, but it is very much still there and as I said maybe even a little worse.

    Sad because we have been planning this Month of March Trivia contest with prizes at the end of the month. I am afraid people are getting annoyed with it instead of loving it as we do. Triviamaster has brought in quite a few new people in our room and are very much into the trivia. So my fingers are crossed that it will make it through the March event. We still have fun don't get me wrong, and we all know your working these bugs out, so believe me we appreciate the work you put in. That is why I was happy to buy a key. And would again.

    Question though, I asked once before about ignoring special characters like quotations comas and periods and so on, when I go to the General Settings I see the options with selection boxes and the last one is Disable commands, but no selection box, there is a text box right under it so I am not sure what to do here, can you explain how to stop it from recognizing those characters.

    Also is the Triviamaster case sensitive? Seems sometimes it is or when not recognizing the correct answers is still part of the bugs, so it is hard to tell but I wondered if it is case sensitive.

    Admin commands also do not work, only the commands to see top scores as well as their own score, but play pause stop don't work.

    Posted on 3/1/2023 5:37:36 AM 502 days ago
    What I discovered is that when you scroll up and down the text chat box on New Paltalk, it returns the incorrect last line. I strongly advise running the Trivia Bot in a virtual machine environment.
    Posted on 3/1/2023 9:53:55 PM 501 days ago
    What if it is running on it's own dedicated computer? There is no one texting in the chat box, and no other programs running in the background.

    I have the program running on it's own computer, only paltalk is running, no webcams or sound, what I have noticed is when there are two back to back questions with no hints or skips, or not accepting even the correct answer, on everyone's screen they do not see anything, on the laptop I have the program on it will show the skips, no hints but it will show question skipped and correct answer is....

    Also on the host computer we see two of everything when it is messing up, so when it is working correctly the host window shows one instance of each question and skips or wins, but when it is messing up the host sees the skips and the room does not as well as the host see's double.

    I have been monitoring my processes, and the Trivia Bot is maxing out the ram, it is an older computer with only 4 gig ram, but it is running 60 to 75% when activated in the room, when not activated but just opened it is not.