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Hi [Guest], License / Activation Issues
Roll TriviaMaster Back??
Posted on 3/12/2023 9:17:40 PM 490 days ago
I see part of the problem is we (at least in my room) are no longer seeing the skipped questions message, the machine the bot is on sees it most times and sees the same one many times over as I have shown in another post!

I hate to keep nagging you but I have over $100 usd in prizes for this trivia contest for march we are hosting. We were really looking forward since January for this match up, I have 130 players logged into the Trivia since the contest began March 1st, and it is becoming unplayable. Seriously it is the best Trivia program out there so feature rich and easy to navigate but the fun is slowly disappearing'

Is there anyway to roll back to 2 updates ago? That was much better, and maybe until you get a more stable build we can at least use a bot that is working 90 percent of the time vs 10 percent of the time and that is no joke!

Posted on 3/13/2023 2:50:30 AM 490 days ago
This was my post I was not logged in sorry about that!
Posted on 3/15/2023 7:02:11 AM 488 days ago
I'm not sure which versions work for you, but I'm providing you the link with last 7 builds:
Posted on 3/18/2023 1:19:44 AM 485 days ago
Oh thanks,

I think 3 updates back, but, one issue I was having was my fault,
So the reason it spammed my screen like it did is I had something wrong in the game_answer_hiddden_plain I had added some new text but something went wrong, now I just made that page blank.